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Balboa Makes The Best Even Better

As part of our continuous improvement process and after nearly a year of extensive lab testing and agency reviews / approvals, 

Balboa is excited to announce our new BP systems with new proprietary formulated packaging

Higher Flame Retardant

Higher Impact Resistance

Higher Performance Polycarb Material


BP2000 and BP2100

BP501 and BP601

BP2000 and BP501 are 60Hz Products. BP21000 and BP601 are 50Hz Products.
Note: All Apple products are sold separately.

With over 2 million controls built and shipped, we are the largest manufacturer of electronic spa controls worldwide. We are constantly leveraging our engineering expertise and patented innovations to improve the quality and reliability of our systems. Our BP family of control systems were designed using our patented M7® temperature and flow sensor technology. These features increase the reliability, ease of installation and serviceability.

No Headaches - M7®

With the reliability engineered into Balboa’s BP Series, our customers can rest easy. Thanks to a combination of Balboa engineering and patented M7® technology, we now offer the highest component reliability in the business — with fewer returns and longer life expectancy than traditional non-M7® systems. At Balboa, innovative engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing go hand in hand to deliver a quality, cost effective product that will provide years of reliable, headache-free service.

M7 Application Guidelines

Patented M7® Technology Includes

  1. Smart Sensor Technology
    • Multiple High Limit Safety Systems
    • All Safety Functions always active
    • Both Sensors are Identical
    • Sensors monitor each other via software to regulate spa functions
    • Ensures a proper operating environment for heater element
    • No Sensor Installation in spa wall
    • No Pressure Switch problems

  2. Heater Element & Tube
    • Incoloy & Titanium material options
    • Enlarged bend radius
    • No wire ties
    • Minimizes debris collection

  3. Heater Tube
    • No welds required
    • Front mounted
    • Easy access for service

Spa Control Systems Catalog (8mb)
Balboa M7® Systems Sell Sheet