BP500/600 - A new Trilogy - Not Just A Sequel


Meet the BP500/600

  • The first of a new series of systems
  • Based on Balboa's most popular model's
  • WiFi Ready
  • New Features in New Enclosure
  • Higher flame retardant and impact resistant materials
  • Press & Hold Buttons for ease of use
  • NEW! Heater Power Quick Disconnect

M7 Application Guidelines

» BP Troubleshooting Manual 60Hz (BP2000 and BP500)
» BP Troubleshooting Manual 50Hz (BP2100 and BP600)
» BP500/600 System Overview Manual


  • Wi-Fi Hardware Connections



    The all NEW Balboa Water Group Hot Tub application
    for the iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad®. More information click here.

    TP400andTP600Group_dm RevolutionTimerImage

    Panels And Overlays

    The sleek new topside panels includes a large easy to read back-lit LCD with simple to follow end user menus.
    With new press and hold button technology, setting temperature and other common tasks have been simplified.
    User navigation is intuitive and easier than ever, reducing customer service help calls.

    Control Panel Manuals:
    TP600 and TP400 Control Panels - Simplified Menus
    TP600 and TP400 Control Panels - Standard Menus
    Panel TP600

    50056-01 (TP600 2 Jets with overlay 12198)
    55673-05 (TP600 with overlay 12101)
    55676-05 (TP600 no overlay)
    56046-01 (TP600 15 ft cable no overlay)
    56047-01 (TP600 15 ft with overlay 12101)

    Panel TP400

    55701 (TP400T no overlay)
    50260 (TP400T with overlay 12511)
    55702 (TP400W no overlay)
    50259 (TP400W with overlay 12510)

    Overlay 12198 (Jet 1, Jet 2, Flip, Warm, Light, Cool)
    Overlay 12510 (Warm, Cool, Light, Jets)

    Overlay 12101 (Jets, Aux, Flip, Warm, Light, Cool)

    Overlay 12511 (Temp, Jets, Light, Aux)

    System Specifications

    Voltage Supply: (BP500: 120V or 240V) (BP600: 230V)
    Sensors: M7 patented temperature probes
    Certifications: (BP500: UL recognized) (BP600: NEMKO)
    Spa Lights Controls: 1 Amp Max
    For additional information: BP500 Sell Sheet , BP600 Sell Sheet


     System Material Number
    Pump 1
     Pump 2
    or Blower
    System Balboa BP500 - 240V 60Hz 2 spd or 1 spd with Circ
     1 spd
    4.0 kW 800 Incoloy Element
    System Balboa BP500 -  240V 60 Hz2 spd or 1 spd with Circ1 spd4.0 kW 825 Incoloy Element
    System Balboa BP500 - 240V 60Hz2 spd or 1 spd with Circ1 spd4.0 kW Titanium Element
    System Balboa BP600 -  230V 50 Hz2 spd or 1 spd with Circ1 spd3.0 kW 800 Incoloy Element
    System Balboa BP600 - 230V 50Hz2 spd or 1 spd with Circ1 spd3.0 kW 825 Incoloy Element
    System Balboa BP600 -  230V 50 Hz2 spd or 1 spd with Circ1 spd3.0 kW Titanium Element

    Compatible Plumbing Kits (Coupling nuts and seals included)

    2” Tailpieces (2-Speed Pump 1)

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